Trailers Boat and PWC trailers

Boat and PWC trailers

Version Internal dimensions (m) Full weight Axle type Picture
400V451T160 4.57x1.60 400 kg torsion
700V451T160 4.88x1.60 700 kg torsion
750V391T179 Jetski 3.90x1.79 750 kg torsion
750V411T160 PLH 4.05x1.60 750 kg torsion
750V441L199 Jetski 4.40x1.99 750 kg leaf spring
750V481J160 Beach 4.85x1.60 - kg no suspension
750V501L199 5.00x1.99 750 kg leaf spring
750V521L209 5.20x2.09 750 kg leaf spring
750V591L209 5.90x2.09 750 kg leaf spring
1300V651J182 Beach 6.56x1.83 - kg no suspension
2000V682J210 Beach 6.71x1.67 - kg no suspension
3500V792J233 Beach 7.90x2.30 - kg no suspension
Multiroller 750 V571 5.71x2.09 750 kg leaf spring
Multiroller 3500V792J230 Beach 7.92x2.28 kg no suspension

With brakes

Version Internal dimensions (m) Full weight Axle type Picture
1000V571T209 5.70x2.09 1000 kg torsion
1000V591L209 5.90x2.09 1000 kg leaf spring
1200V621T209 6.20x2.09 1200 kg torsion
1350V551L255 Jetski 2x 5.50x2.55 1350 kg leafspring
1350V651T209 6.50x2.09 1350 kg torsion
1500V661T209 6.60x2.09 1500 kg torsion
1700V662T209 6.60x2.09 1700 kg 2x torsion
2000V712T230 7.10x2.30 2000 kg 2x torsion
2700V802T230 8.00x2.30 2700 kg 2x torsion
2700V842T230 8.40x2.30 2700 kg 2x torsion
3500V822T252 8.20x2.52 3500 kg 2x torsion
Multiroller 1000 V571 5.78x2.09 1000 kg leaf spring
Multiroller 1350 V651 6.44x2.09 1350 kg leaf spring
Multiroller 1800 V661 6.55x2.09 1800 kg leaf spring
Multiroller 2000 V712 7.05x2.30 2000 kg 2x torsion
Multiroller 2700 V802 7.95x2.30 2700 kg 2x torsion
Multiroller 3500 V822 8.15x2.50 3500 kg 2x torsion
Multiroller 3500 V912 9.10x2.50 3500 kg 2x torsion